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A note from publisher John Martin

In 2005, when I launched my first company, Bellwether Media, my singular mission was to help beginning and struggling readers acquire reading skills. From the outset, we’ve worked hard to create books that provided support and removed barriers for young readers. And our work has paid off. Blastoff! Readers and Torque Books can now be found in most libraries across the country. Thanks for your support!

Enter Kaleidoscope! Kaleidoscope takes off where Bellwether leaves off. Now more than ever, young readers are bombarded by information. Kaleidoscope seeks to help readers sort through it all. Our mission is to help young readers develop information literacy skills that equip them to deal with the realities of our new information age. We promise to bring intense focus and energy as we develop our products. We love doing what we do—and we are just getting started!